For any assistance call us on

0709 932 000

  • Go to www.ntsa.go.ke
  • Click on the TIMS logo
  • Click on Subscribe to receive SMS
  • Click on Register your Account
  • You can either register as an individual,
  • For individuals, Enter ID Serial Number, Provide your Mother’s Maiden Name , Enter PIN Number and submit
  • For Aliens, enter Alien ID Serial Number and Date of Issue of Passport
  • Complete the registration process by providing all the required information

  • No. The information provide should belong to the owner of the Account.
  • If assisted to register an Account, ensure the information is captured correctly and all details belong to the owner of the Account.
  • TIMS is a self-service portal managed by an individual owner or company.
  • When registering an Account, all codes and passwords shall be sent to the number provided.
  • It is prudent that any information relating to an account is not disclosed to any other party.