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  • Mon

    Annual Registration of Services Providers for the Provision of Contact Tracing (Passenger Manifest) with Payment Gateway Services

  • Sun

    Motor Vehicle owners that are yet to book for inspections are required to immediately book through their TIMS account

Performance Contract


This is a multi-sectoral approach to ensure that road safety issues are made an integral part of all Government programmes/projects. MDAs are required to actively engage in developing projects and executing activities that contribute to the prevention and management of road traffic injuries and fatalities in Kenya. The overall goal is to substantially reduce the burden and severity of road crashes in Kenya, which is currently estimated at annual loss of 3,000 lives and 10,000 injuries, and a corresponding equivalent loss of 5% of GDP.  MDAs should undertake the following:

1. Domestic work place policy on road safety. This will be anchored on the guidelines provided in the NTSA website (www.ntsa.go.ke ). (25%)
2. Prepare an annual implementation plan for the Road Safety Policy. (5%)
3. Implement the plan. Key components include the following: (50%)

  • All technical Agencies establish a Road Safety Unit while other MDAs will constitute a Road Safety Committee to steer road safety mainstreaming within the MDAs 
  • Conduct technical training for members of the road safety Unit/Committee 
  • Sensitize the Management team and all members of staff on road safety mainstreaming
  • Conduct specialized safety training for road users
  • Conduct Road Safety training in the community
  • Implement mechanisms for monitoring compliance and reporting non-compliance on the road (This include reporting black spots, belting up, observing speed limits, lane discipline, reckless driving, crashes, among others as stipulated in the policy)

4. Submit quarterly reports to NTSA in prescribed format (to be downloaded from the NTSA website) within 30 days  after the end of the quarter. (20%)

(Information on technical agencies that are required to establish a road safety unit, policy guidelines and reporting templates will be availed in the NTSA website: www.ntsa.go.ke.)